Object Ovation is a software technology consulting firm specializing in the analysis, design, development, and integration of components that comprise today's distributed Java & J2EE e-business backbone. • • •

Object Ovation was formed out of the desire for extremely productive design and development. Technical ability, quality, efficiency, and productive work is a must. At Object Ovation we recognize the impact of synergistic teams. We feel strongly that team dynamics plays one of the most important roles in determining the success of projects.

Our seasoned employees pride themselves on working well with developers, analysts, and users. We are accustomed to working in environments where schedules are highly aggressive, where development teams must be stream-lined and extremely efficient, and where leadership qualities produce innovative architectural components.

Java · J2EE

Over ten years designing and developing Java systems in an enterprise setting. Projects ranging from Front-End Model-View-Controller applications to middleware system and services.

Lightweight REST/JSON services supporting mobile and JavaScript based clients.

iPad · iPhone · iPod

We build native applications supporting business needs inside and outside the enterprise. Our understanding of mobile device management (MDM) can help you secure your devices as well as deploy your Apps to them.

Retail distribution more your need? We can build to publish on the Apple App Store.

HTML · CSS · JavaScript


Moving beyond simple web page dynamism, we utilize MVC frameworks such as Backbone.js to create JavaScript Web Applications.

Feed your applications with REST/JSON served by your chosen technology; Java, Ruby, or node.js to name a few.

Matthew Marquand
Founder & Senior Engineer

Rich Ball
Owner & Senior Engineer

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